Marcelo Silva Fuentes (1973) is a Chilean industrial designer and artist who works in areas as graphic design, photography, illustration, painting, animation, videography and music. He works at Klee® the visual communications studio that he owns with his wife the designer Pilar Ocampo since 1997.
In 2006 obtains an honorable mention in the Lucie Awards in Los Angeles, California. In 2009 obtains the first place (industrial category) of the International Photography Awards in New York .
Marcelo lived in Easter Island for one year and after that experience he works  making portraits as well shooting life routines of different ethnic groups through Chile, but along the time he has been extending that idea to other countries. In 2019 began the short film project titled "My Window Time", a static camera recording a time lapses in a super wide angle from his studio window for a whole year. In 2020 his nanofilm "Karma" is part of the official selection in the "Berlin Flash Film Festival", the same year his short documentary "Linemen" gets the Silver Award in the "Spotlight Documentary Film Award" . In 2023 his photography "17 and a half monks" awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2023 edition of the International Photography Awards.
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